End-to-End IoT Platform

Edge computing software modules for Telecom, Energy, Manufacturing, Smart metering etc. industries, Cloud platform, Mobile clients, Management console, MQTT Broker and APIs 

Cloud Platform

New Generation IoT Platform for digital transformation.
FN IoT Platform Features; IoT Server, Control Center, Alarm Map, REST API, MQTT Broker.

Edge Computing

Linux based edge solution supports wired and wireless connections and protocols to fulfill different industry requirements.

Mobile Clients

iOS and Android clients, provides mobile functionality fro IoT services. There are ready to use industrial solutions to minimize project deployment durations.


Web interface provides alarm monitoring and managament functionality for all the terminals and connected sensors on the field.


Using Fn as a highly versatile IoT cloud platform, any Operator can enter a particular business vertical with its own IoT solution. Uniquely positioned with unlimited access to network infrastructure, CSPs can provide better performance, wider scale, and - tapping into vast pools of user data - much better usability than competition.


The open cloud based Fn IoT Platform provides essential IoT functional blocks which allow assembling smart energy solutions with both speed and seamless interoperability. Various sensors, smart metering devices, controllers, smart energy monitors, and electrical grid assets can be, almost literally, plugged into the Fn cluster and managed in real-time over secure network connection.


The smart city solutions powered by the Fn IoT Platform place specific emphasis on the efficient use of the road infrastructure, public service facilities, and smart buildings. Integrated with Fn, smart meters, sensors, and device gateways can be used for real-time monitoring of local and city-wide electrical power distribution, consumption of water, gas emissions, traffic load, and other city vitals.


The highly anticipated Industry 4.0 revolution is already underway reshaping manufacturing processes and the Industrial Internet of Things is a primary catalyst for this transformation. With the industrial automation solutions empowered by the Internet of Things, manufacturing production facilities and products themselves can be outfitted with computing hardware and connected using standard networking means.

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